EmailPro CRM Description

Thanks to EmailPro CRM you don’t need to have coding skills to create beautiful emails with the WYSIWYG functionality available to you. You can effortlessly drag everything in from text, images and columns to seamlessly create your own personalized unique email that reflects your brand’s personality.

Allow your contacts to land on EmailPro CRM landing pages that can easily be created without any HTML knowledge and customized around what you want your contact to see. The landing page editor enables you to create quick, responsive and personalized landing pages that meet a specific purpose, whether that’s to download an asset or to get in touch with you, we’ve got it covered.

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ behavioural patterns on how they interact with your emails with powerful analytics and insights. Analytical tools within EmailPro CRM helps you to track your customers and prospects responses, including email open rates, which links contacts click on, amount of email hits, number of unsubscribe and the bounce rate of your email marketing campaign.

Increase and improve your customer engagement by making sure that you are sending out the right content, to the right person at the right time using the segmentation tool within EmailPro CRM. By using geographic location or contact history to filter your contacts into high responsiveness groups means that you are able to boost your email open rate and increase engagements with your marketing efforts.

Reporting functionality within EmailPro CRM allows you to understand your email marketing strategy from top to bottom with minimal effort. You can track real-time interactions so you are able to keep on top of all your email interactions and have all that data presented clearly within the email campaign analytics hub.

EmailPro CRM Description

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